welcome to sfr, a blog about being a girl

welcome to sfr, a blog about being a girl

welcome to something for rose.

last week donald trump was made president-elect of the united states. I’m deeply saddened by this on a number of levels. and I guess my answer to this disappointment is to make something that affirms what I believe in. in the face of something ugly, I’d like to make something beautiful.

so I’ve created this blog to record and curate things I’d like to share today, or one day, with my daughter, rose. she’s four.

she often asks me what I liked, or what I felt like when I was her age. things like, ‘were you nervous when you started school?’ or ‘did you like princesses when you were little?’ and ‘did you love your mum so much too?’ (my answers: no, yes and yes).

it’s also a place for me to share things I loved when I was growing up, or that, if I had a time machine, I’d show my younger self. things and ideas that are interesting, beautiful, pro-girl and fun.

there are so many ways to be a girl, and being female is awesome. I hope rose always feels that way too.

if you know of any wonderful books, products, ideas etc I could share with rose, please drop me a line at: somethingforrose@gmail.com

bron x


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